I have been in the business for 18 years, having run multiple sales centers and sold well over 1000 new families their home. I have been awarded the IMHA sales center and of the year in 2016. I previously worked with a wonderful large corporation but wanted to focus more on personal time with my customers. This is why I purchased a local cow pasture and developed it into my beautiful home center.

In opening a family owned business, I have made many new friends in the people I have sold. I have been able to be a part of laughing with my customers to crying over life’s issues. This is the gift God gave me: caring about my customers. I’ve been blessed with pictures of the family’s new babies, to wedding pictures and even their new decorations in their castle they call home. There are so many beautiful, precious people for each one of us to meet, and be a part of one of their most exciting times in their life, and most stressful..the purchase of their new home.

I WANT to be a part of this..of course, I love selling homes. It helps me to feed my family! My biggest joy is when a customer tells me to thank you, and how happy they are with their new home. The smile on their face, the proud accomplishment, this is what it is all about. We carry well-built homes, but sticks and stones are to make them last for years to come, but the memories, are there for a lifetime! When I had manufacturers approaching me, I was scared. I doubted I could ever accomplish something so big. I forgot all about how God is in charge, and new how many more families I could help with their fears of financing, and making the right decisions. God blessed me. He blessed me in having a son that has that same compassion for others, and wanting to truly BE THERE for our customers-our future friends. Broc worked with me at their other company. He has been in the business for just under three years but has sat down and helped more people with their many questions. When someone says that salesmen can’t be honest..they never met Broc. He is honest and genuine, and extremely knowledgeable.

When I was approached by the manufacturers, Broc had no doubts we could help many people, and boy was he right! We were able to choose the manufacturer of our choice. We were not forced to carry any particular manufacturer’s product. We searched and wanted to not only offer our customer’s excellent service but the best quality product at the best value. Fairmont Homes, our Northern built manufacturer was the answer. Their service is impeccable! They make selling their product easy. We even asked if we could use our local contractor, due to his great abilities in the business from his many years of experience, and they obliged! At our home center, they don’t have to call a 1-800 #, they get hometown personal service.

Broc and I promise too never be too big to care about our customers. If they don’t mind that our 16 acres once allowed cattle to roam, and is now replaced by beautiful well-built homes, and offers an all-new design center for our guests, then they will be happy with their purchase at our home center. We will continue to help with financing, utilities, porches, garages, etc…but mostly, we will continue to laugh with them, and cry at the loss of a loved one, or melt our hearts with the birth of a new baby, or simply feel blessed that we are the ones who were able to help them with their fears, and their joys of their new home purchase.